More Items for TOYA's TOY BOX

I went to Toys R Us to purchase toys with your donations. I went in and asked for the manager. A sweet sales associate asked was everything ok, I said yes. I am blessed! The manager came and I stated that I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble but can one of them help me shop? I told them all about why I started Toya’s Toy Box. The sweet associate asked if she could please be my shopping elf. He said sure! I said baby, pick out what you think the kids would like and get me the most toys for my money!

We shopped. She said, thank you for what you are doing. When I grew up, my mom couldn’t buy us toys. After I paid, she said can I hug you? (If you know menI was going to ask her for one). As she hugged me she said, I wish I had a lady in my neighborhood like you when I was growing up. I said, promise me that you will be that lady! She said, I will. This is the WHY of Toya’s Toy Box!

TS Jacobs and Co with toy drive donor, NC Civil.

TS Jacobs and Co donating toy drive items to South Greenville Elementary School in Pitt County, NC.

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